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Zenotech Achieves AWS High Performance Computing Competency Status - Zenotech Ltd

Zenotech Achieves AWS High Performance Computing Competency Status

Zenotech Achieves AWS High Performance Computing Competency Status

Zenotech announced today that it has achieved Amazon Web Services (AWS) High Performance Computing (HPC) Competency status. This designation recognizes that Zenotech has demonstrated deep experience in helping customers optimize their HPC workloads for performance and efficiency using AWS’s elastic and scalable cloud infrastructure.

AWS launched the AWS HPC Competency to allow customers to easily and confidently engage highly specialized AWS Partners that provide technology offerings for faster innovation, better agility, and flexibility in areas such as genomics, computational chemistry, financial risk modelling, computer-aided engineering, as well as emerging applications such as deep learning, and autonomous driving. The AWS HPC Competency takes on the heavy lifting of identifying and validating industry leaders with proven customer success and technical proficiency.

Achieving the AWS HPC Competency differentiates Zenotech as an AWS Partner with deep domain expertise in HPC Management.

David Standingford, Co-founder and Director of Zenotech said:

“Zenotech is proud to be one of the first AWS Partners to achieve AWS HPC Competency status. Our team is dedicated to helping companies unlock the potential of simulation and helping them achieve this by leveraging the range of services and innovation in on-demand HPC services that AWS provides.”

AWS is enabling scalable, flexible, and cost-effective solutions from startups to global enterprises. To support the seamless integration and deployment of these solutions, AWS established the AWS Competency Program to help customers identify AWS Partners with deep industry experience and expertise.

Zenotech’s EPIC platform provides instant access to on-demand HPC services backed by AWS. Customers can run  HPC simulations on a range of Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instance types configured and tuned for running HPC workloads at scale. EPIC is designed to make HPC easy, empowering users to start running simulations at scale with just a few clicks. EPIC offers access to a range of the latest EC2 instance types, including GPU nodes, allowing users to match the resource to their specific price or performance requirements.

As Zenotech customer, Steve Walker, Associate Director, ARUP states:

“The EPIC on-demand high performance computing service by Zenotech has been for us something of a game-changer: the straightforward, secure access to scalable HPC resources has allowed us to deliver high-value engineering services significantly faster and better than before.”

About Zenotech –

Zenotech develops cloud high-performance computing and computational fluid dynamics technology for the aerospace, automotive, civil and renewable energy sectors. They deliver a range of simulation tools and services securely at scale for organisations of all sizes offering faster, more accurate and cost-effective solutions by exploiting the latest hardware for power and efficiency.  From noise reduction in aircraft to wind turbine optimisation, Zenotech’s products and technical consultancy are designed to enhance business performance and improve sustainability.

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