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Amazon AWS Technology Partner - Zenotech Ltd

Amazon AWS Technology Partner

We are a certified Amazon AWS Technology Partner

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    AWS & EPIC

    EPIC provides seamless access to a range of AWS EC2 instance types managed by Zenotech.

    You can start running your simulations on the AWS cloud in just a few clicks. Access both on-demand and spot instances from the C5, P3 and P4 instance families. EPIC also gives the ability to easily start interactive desktops nodes on the AWS cloud and access them using DCV via your browser. Why download your data when you can post-process it in the cloud?

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  • ZCFD Logo

    AWS & zCFD

    zCFD is designed to get the best performance out of modern HPC hardware, this includes GPUs.

    The Accelerated Computing instance types available in AWS EC2 offer a great selection of GPU types and configurations. Combining these instances with the GPU acceleration of zCFD gives our customers the ability to run CFD simulations in a fraction of the time compared to traditional CPU based clusters. In fact, our studies show that, as well as a faster turnaround time for simulation, using the GPUs also reduces the total cost of the simulation. For example using a single P4d instance, a typical Aerospace simulation that takes around 12 hours on a CPU cluster at a cost of $200 can be completed in just over two hours at a cost of $75.

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  • HPC Benchmarking

    Are you thinking about running HPC workloads in the cloud but aren't sure how they will perform?

    Maybe we can help, we have extensive experience in setting up HPC infrastructure in AWS using a variety of services including EC2, EFA & FSx for Lustre. We have performed several benchmarking activities for our customers allowing them to evaluate the performance, and price, of running HPC workloads in AWS.

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  • Work with us

    We continually support research and development with a number of partner organisations. Find out how we could help you.

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