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High performance and increased user-friendliness - our latest zCFD release - Zenotech Ltd

High performance and increased user-friendliness – our latest zCFD release

High performance and increased user-friendliness – our latest zCFD release

Our agile team is always on the case improving our cutting-edge services and tools to empower engineering teams and academic researchers to optimise design for sustainability, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. So we’re pleased to announce a new release of our Computational Fluid Dynamics solver, zCFD, which brings even greater performance with an emphasis on increased user-friendliness.

Read on to discover the key new features of the latest release.

Firstly, there is a new linear solver added for use in simulations using implicit time-stepping and executed on CPUs. This update brings a big performance improvement to running implicit cases on CPUs.

Next, as requested by our users, periodic boundary conditions have been added for simulations using implicit time-stepping.

To achieve more accurate turbulence modelling, various kinds of QCR models are now available in the CFD solver. This improves the prediction of flows with secondary flow features (eg flow in square ducts, flows through pipe bends, separation at the root of aircraft wings).

In addition, FWH file output in zCFD has been sped up, and now includes an .xmdf file for easy visualisation. There have been zm3 and immersed boundary solver performance improvements too.

zCFD Tutorials

There are already many tutorials on the website, including startup guides which are invaluable for new users to get up and running with zCFD as quickly as possible. As part of this release, we have extended the tutorials and added a new section in the user guide on implicit time-stepping linear solver settings.

Here are a selection of the new tutorials on the use of the following:

  • time-accurate simulations added to the user guide
  • zm3 and the DGCAA solver added to the user guide
  • the FWH solver added to the user guide
  • zCFD within EPIC added to the user guide

Over to you

Check out the latest zCFD features and let us know what you think.
Find out more about zCFD here.

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