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We help solve the most complex computational challenges faced by businesses & organisations today

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    Computational Fluid Dynamics


    We provide high fidelity aerodynamic design analysis services in support of aircraft development and modification.  Our own software is tailor-made for transonic aircraft (civil and defence) and can also be applied to low speed platforms.  Our senior CFD engineers are also highly experienced software developers, so any special modifications required to meet customer requirements can be made quickly to meet project timescales.  We regularly participate in the international aerospace CFD workshops (NASA / AIAA Drag Prediction and High Lift Workshop) to benchmark our own capability and contribute to the community. 

    Drones and Propellers

    We support international industry leading drone and air mobility platform developers with aerodynamic analysis services.  Unsteady simulations with multiple moving elements are a common requirement, as well as good practice in turbulence model selection and application.  


    We support UK-based and international automotive companies with exterior and interior aerodynamic (and aero-acoustic) design analysis.  We also work with vertical capability integration specialists to embed our tools into automated workflows for rapid design space exploration.   

    Civil Engineering

    From railway tunnels to skyscrapers, we support civil engineering consultancy companies with specialist CFD analysis, especially for new design concepts where innovation requires the confidence of highly accurate modelling and simulation.    

    Wind Energy

    We provide design analysis for individual turbines and blades (especially aero-structural considerations) as well as wind energy assessment of sites and full-farm performance modelling, including blockage and wake interaction effects.  

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    Computational Aero-Acoustics


    The latest propeller designs for advanced air mobility are being developed to deliver the thrust needed to transition from hover to forward flight, and also meet demanding noise reduction targets for use in the urban environment.  Our expert team works with leading platform developers on the next generation of propellers, using the latest in Computational Aero-Acoustics (CAA) and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) technology.   

    Exterior Aero-Acoustic Noise

    From wind mirrors to landing gear, we help companies quantify and reduce unwanted noise from cars and aircraft.  We use a combination of stochastic and high-order (DG) overset methods, tailored to meet the needs of each application.  


    Noise from interior (buildings and vehicles) air conditioning systems often results from ducting geometry and resonance within cavities and structural components.  We help identify sources of noise and mitigation strategies with product developers, using a combination of high fidelity and rapid analysis techniques.   

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    Wind Farm Development

    Wind Resource Analysis

    At the planning stage, a wind resource analysis is conducted to determine the available wind energy for a particular site.  For complex terrains, this is complicated by the local wind flow patterns and the effect of trees, buildings and even other wind farms.  Our wind energy specialists have been applying highly accurate models and analysis techniques for over 10 years, alongside industry leading wind farm developers.  

    Wind Farm Layout (Wakes and Blockage Effects)

    The industrial adoption of high fidelity methods for large-scale wind farm design has highlighted the importance of interaction effects between turbines.   We apply a range of resolution methods to understand and quantify these effects, which have been shown to be accurate in blind testing against real wind farm performance [SSE, 2015]. 

    Blade Design Analysis (FSI)

    For individual turbines, increased blade lengths (as turbines get larger) bring the challenge of aero-elastic vibrations - which cause performance loss and ultimate blade damage and failure. We work with industry leading composite structural design engineers to provide an integrated aero-structural design analysis capability.  We participate in international benchmark studies and provide specialist consulting to new platform developers.  


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  1. AWS HPC

    Software Engineering

    High Performance Computing (HPC)

    In addition to developing our own software tools, we also help other companies develop their own products - especially where scalability and modern computing architectures are required.   

    Cloud HPC

    On-demand computing resources are available via our online platform EPIC, and we also provide consulting services to help end users and developers exploit the available resources.  We are partnered with both Oracle (Silver) and Amazon AWS (HPC Competency Launch Partner) and also work with leading specialist HPC providers in the UK and internationally.  

    Parallel / GPU Software Development

    Our own CFD and CAA software is designed and tuned to exploit the maximum power from the latest computing hardware from Intel, NVIDIA, Arm and AMD.  We also provide consultancy services to developers in other companies looking to either (re)-design or port their software to highly parallel architectures. 

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    AirSight is a service from Zenotech that makes drone and unmanned air vehicle operations safer.  By performing highly accurate simulations of the natural environment combined with high resolution building models, AirSight can predict areas of highly turbulent air that might pose a danger to vehicles in flight.

    This data can be fed into a flight control system or given to mission planners to safely navigate your vehicle around unseen aerodynamic danger.  The data generated by AirSight has been validated against physical test data in a variety of settings, including airports and wind farms.

    AirSight is applicable to a range of use cases including industrial inspection, urban drone flight planning, vertiport placement and safety evaluation.  If you are interested in understanding the invisible dangers for your particular use case, then please get in touch.


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