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Next-Generation Fluid Dynamics Services Unveiled at Nvidia GTC 2024  - Zenotech Ltd

Next-Generation Fluid Dynamics Services Unveiled at Nvidia GTC 2024 

Next-Generation Fluid Dynamics Services Unveiled at Nvidia GTC 2024 
  • Fluid Dynamic Sciences launches at Nvidia GTC 2024 in San Jose on March 18th 2024
  • A joint venture between Aero Design Labs and Zenotech
  • Harnessing AI and GPU utilization, it is a game-changing solution set to transform the CFD industry.

A pioneering venture, Fluid Dynamic Sciences, co-founded by Aero Design Labs and Zenotech is unveiled today at Nvidia GTC 2024.  Fluid Dynamic Sciences will lead the charge in the next generation of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) with innovative AI and GPU utilization.

Generating high-quality meshes from CAD geometry is a prerequisite for most industrial computational fluid dynamics workflows. This is typically a time-consuming and repetitive process with manual elements. This new innovative solution improves both functionality and performance by creating a novel application of the signed distance field neural net to represent geometry for the purposes of mesh generation.

By slashing simulation times without compromising the integrity and quality of results, Fluid Dynamic Sciences offers a smarter, quicker, and more sustainable approach to fluid dynamics. The solution seeks to integrate the complexity of CFD seamlessly across various industrial landscapes. Unlike many of its predecessors, the software is flexibly engineered to operate either in cloud computing environments or independently on in-house servers and desktops.

Fluid Dynamic Sciences is excited to be presenting in person at GTC 2024 on how the innovative application can produce industry-standard CFD flow solutions for civil aerospace aircraft design including aftermarket modifications to reduce drag and carbon dioxide emissions.

“Signed Distance Fields for Aerospace Fluid Dynamics Mesh Generation” will be presented by Zenotech’s Co-founder and Director, Jamil Appa, Technology Leader, David Standingford, and Doug Bennett, Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President Technology, Aero Design Labs.

Doug Bennett, Chief Financial Officer & EVP Technology, Aero Design Labs said:

“The computational fluid dynamics field has been calling out for a disruptive solution and it’s here in Fluid Dynamic Sciences. We have successfully harnessed the power of GPUs and AI, a combination that’s all but absent in today’s market, setting a new industry standard for speed and accuracy. This translates to faster iterations, prompt design validation, and ultimately, a significant cost reduction for our clients.”

David Standingford, Technology Leader, Zenotech added:

“We’re thrilled to unveil Fluid Dynamics Sciences today, a game-changing partnership between Zenotech and Aero Design Labs, which has the potential to boost CFD efficiency and spur innovation in the sectors we specialize in – aerospace, automotive, and renewables – accelerating the moves towards a greener economy.”

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