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7 reasons to choose EPIC – the perfect Christmas gift for engineers – Zenotech Ltd

7 reasons to choose EPIC – the perfect Christmas gift for engineers

7 reasons to choose EPIC – the perfect Christmas gift for engineers

What do you get the engineer who has everything this Christmas? For us, there’s no contest and it’s EPIC. That is, our elastic, private, interactive, cloud portal (EPIC).

Here are the top 7 reasons ‘tis the season to go EPIC – now and into 2017…

  1. Access HPC on demand

EPIC is one of the easiest ways for engineers to access virtually unlimited high performance computing (HPC) resources when they are needed on demand. That means no more waiting in queues for in-house clusters and the reassurance of knowing that you can meet your latest project deadlines.

  1. Choose the best option for your business

A market place for HPC resources is a good way to describe EPIC; it allows you to compare the costs of a number of providers in order to choose the best option for your particular needs. This system allows engineers to access and compare multiple HPC providers, including cost, availability, physical location and level of security.

Whether you’re looking for specialist supercomputing via a simple submission interface or need to launch your own HPC cluster in the cloud, EPIC has you covered.

  1. Pay as you go, flexible pricing

EPIC helps your business to keep HPC spending under control with its flexible pay-as-you-go pricing model. The cost of this supercomputing resource currently ranges from 5p to 10p per core hour with a small charge for using EPIC, which is transparent. The best part is that you only pay for what you use on demand with no hidden costs.

  1. It’s game-changing technology

We’ve had such positive feedback from clients using EPIC, including leading engineering consultancy, Arup. Here’s a testimonial from Steve Walker:

“The EPIC on-demand high performance computing service by Zenotech has been for us something of a game changer. The straightforward secure access to scalable HPC resources has allowed us to deliver high value engineering services significantly faster and better than before.”

How could EPIC help your business too?

  1. Stress-free

It can be a real headache working out which cloud provider to choose. EPIC is designed to take the stress out of HPC and to simplify and streamline the process of accessing world class HPC systems for engineering firms.

  1. Stay in control of your data

We understand that security is a huge priority, and therefore with EPIC, engineers are in control of their data at all times. You can benefit from industry standard, pre-configured and optimised applications, and we can also install your custom codes and make them available just for you.

  1. Start straight away with £10 free credit

Want to get your HPC jobs running in minutes? EPIC is easy to use and you can get started straight away. Sign up now and we’ll add £10.00 of free credit to your account. There’s never been a better time to experience the power of EPIC.

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