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EPIC brings supercomputing power to Dapta’s Innovate UK funded project - Zenotech Ltd

EPIC brings supercomputing power to Dapta’s Innovate UK funded project

EPIC brings supercomputing power to Dapta’s Innovate UK funded project

At Zenotech, we’re always excited to collaborate with cutting-edge companies, helping to increase their productivity by accessing large-scale high performance computing via our EPIC tool. Recently we’ve been working with a Bristol-based tech startup, Dapta, whose aim is to move the latest aerospace technology out of the lab into the real world.

Dapta* develops automation tools that increase the efficiency of engineering simulation processes by reducing low-value manual tasks by over 20%. Their tools integrate with existing computer aided engineering software used in most industries to support product design, certification, and the development of digital twins. Their vision is to streamline the R&D process so that every engineer can spend more time making important technical decisions, which will reduce project delays and increase job satisfaction.

The Zenotech and Dapta team already had a connection as we’d worked with its Co-founder and CEO, Olivia Stodieck, on a structures analysis project. Dapta’s current project is part of the MASCoTS (Manufacturing and Advanced Simulation of Composite Tow Shearing) initiative which is funded by Innovate UK. On this project, they have been liaising with our EPIC Product Lead, Mike Turner, to run simulations accessing EPIC’s supercomputer and cloud HPC.  The EPIC integration is supported under the Aerospace Technology Institute / RIUK – Innovate UK “Aerospace Cloud Services” project.

We have a suite of ready-to-go applications on EPIC which are tested and optimised for our HPC providers, but we can also install customer codes for our customers. In this case, Dapta is running its own bespoke software through EPIC. They are using MSC Nastran software with an adjusted licence in EPIC with the code securely stored on the platform.

Therefore meeting Dapta’s requirements has also helped to optimise EPIC’s functionality and usability, including making it easier to set up and manage environments on desktops.

Christopher Szczyglowski, Co-founder and CTO of Dapta said:

“There have been two significant advantages of working with Zenotech. Firstly, as we’re a small company, it is beneficial to offload the computer power we need on-demand using EPIC. Then it’s down to the customer service. Mike has been particularly helpful meeting our requests and it’s been a great learning experience.”

Zenotech and Dapta hope to work together on projects in the future. Sign up for our newsletter for more.

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Find out more about Dapta here: https://www.dapta.com/

*Dapta is a trademark of DaptaBlade Ltd.

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