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Zenotech reaches Cloud 9: EPIC listed on the Government Digital Marketplace - Zenotech Ltd

Zenotech reaches Cloud 9: EPIC listed on the Government Digital Marketplace

Zenotech reaches Cloud 9: EPIC listed on the Government Digital Marketplace

It’s no exaggeration to say that we’re on Cloud 9 right now. After a successful application, our EPIC product is now officially listed on the government’s digital marketplace, G-Cloud 9.

We’re thrilled that our EPIC product has been added to this database to offer users in the public sector access to cloud high performance computing (HPC).

What is the G-Cloud Digital Marketplace?

It is encouraging to see that the government is taking such a proactive stance regarding cloud services through the G-Cloud Digital Marketplace, a publicly accessible database which allows the public sector to search for cloud computing services.

The G-Cloud has established agreements with a large number of service providers, including Zenotech, which means that public sector organisations are able to use these services without going through a full tender process each time. It is also really useful for the tech sector’s innovative SMEs and startups to have access to this audience and promote their services.

EPIC stands for elastic, private, interactive cloud, and provides easy and secure access to a range of cloud HPC across the globe. Organisations can use EPIC to run and scale jobs anywhere in a matter of minutes. It allows public sector organisations as well as individuals and commercial businesses, to meet their computing needs without spending on new hardware.

David Standingford, co-founder of Zenotech, commented:

“We’re delighted that our EPIC product is now listed on the government’s Cloud-9 Digital Marketplace. The government’s positive approach to cloud computing services is heartening, and through our EPIC product, public sector organisations will now have the opportunity to easily access HPC.

“As part of the application process, there is close scrutiny on the security of any service on the G-Cloud, showing a forward-thinking approach. It also demonstrates once again the security of our EPIC product.”

This application comes on the back of our winning bid with Innovate UK for Cloud Burst, a game-changing cloud project for Airbus. Follow us on Twitter for the latest news.

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