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AccuCites - helping us to map the future of flight in the city - Zenotech Ltd

AccuCites – helping us to map the future of flight in the city

AccuCites – helping us to map the future of flight in the city

The future of urban flight will be a hot topic this decade. With the benefits of flexibility, reduced congestion and convenience, drone technologies are advancing at a fast pace, but safety in the cityscape remains a prime concern. To move urban flight forward, we are working on an innovative project to improve urban flight safety and effectiveness with our partners FlareBright.

As part of this UKRI-funded research, we need highly accurate 3D models of specific sites and buildings in the UK. After conducting research, we discovered several sources of this kind of data, including open source, but AccuCities stood out with their easy-to-use web interface for specifying areas of interest and the amazing detail in their models. 

We have been working with the technical team at AccuCities to refine a data exchange process to make it really easy to input their models into our high fidelity zCFD aerodynamic simulation software.   

After being impressed with their service, we caught up with Michal Konicek from AccuCities to find out more… 

Who are AccuCities?

AccuCities is a niche 3D mapping agency focusing on (as the name suggests) creating accurate 3D city models. Since our incorporation in 2017, we have created a library of 3D city models, including London, Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff and Dublin. To date, we have also worked on over 1,700 custom small & medium-size 3D modelling projects for over 160 customers.

Do you usually work with clients like Zenotech?  

Working with a client like Zenotech is always exciting as it illustrates the need for our 3D city models outside of the AEC industry. Our usual customers are architects, building consultancies and surveyors but we work with many other industries and support research wherever we can assist. The new Wind Microclimate Guidelines for Developments in the City of London published in August 2019 resulted in a number of CFD studies that used our 3D models. 

Can you tell us how you helped Zenotech with this project?

Our accurate 3D city models are ideal for these types of study. We capture and create accurate, detailed and easy-to-use 3D models of as-built environments. Rather than having any creative licence we capture and deliver 3D GIS data, which allows Zenotech to build its systems with confidence in the accuracy of the geometry of the data.

Our services are available for over 99% of the mainland UK and the area of Cardiff, which Zenotech were interested in, was well served by an existing aerial survey. For the 3D model to slide into the project seamlessly, Zenotech required a slightly different file format than the usual CAD model we supply, which we were able to accommodate. Zenotech was pleased with the high level of accuracy and detail in the models, which is particularly useful for them to communicate the complexity of their research to their stakeholders.

What’s next for AccuCities?

We are constantly updating, upgrading and enlarging our 3D city models. The biggest project we are currently working on is the texturing of our 3D model of London, coming to our customers in the first half of 2021.

Thanks to AccuCities for taking time out for this Q & A. We look forward to hearing more about AccuCities’ 3D Model of London later this year. 

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