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Zenotech shares expertise at prestigious, global HPC conference - Zenotech Ltd

Zenotech shares expertise at prestigious, global HPC conference

Zenotech shares expertise at prestigious, global HPC conference

Zenotech will be demonstrating the commercial benefits of HPC at the internationally recognised ISC High Performance Computing conference in Frankfurt this month.

Our EPIC product lead, Mike Turner will speaking in two 30-minute slots at the AWS (Amazon Web Services) booth on how HPC can help the aerospace, and oil and gas sectors backed by the results of our recent projects.

Aerospace HPC

Tuesday 20 June, 3.30 to 4pm
We have extensive experience of running Aerospace HPC workloads on the AWS platform, with a strong background in CFD applications as well as the wider HPC workflows.

Mike will discuss Zenotech’s approach and share how to make the best use of cloud computing resources in the commercial sector.

The talk will include examples and case studies from our customers. We’re currently working on Cloud Burst, in the aerospace sector, funded by Innovate UK with Amazon AWS, Airbus Flight Physics, CFMS and the University of Cambridge. This game-changing project seeks to demonstrate how HPC can be deployed commercially on a specific aerospace analysis workflow, ultimately resulting in efficiency savings, improved aircraft performance and reduced fuel consumption.

Oil & Gas optimisation

Wednesday 21 June, 2.30 – 3pm
Zenotech recently completed a project to demonstrate a new way to conduct testing on an oil reservoir development using advanced optimisation technology, cutting-edge reservoir modelling software and computing resource from AWS.

The project shows there are significant economic benefits from these techniques for relatively minor resource costs.

Come to this talk to find out more about the project, the tools and services used, and the key findings for the oil and gas industry.

Interested in hearing more?

If you’re going to the conference, do get in touch to book a meeting with Mike to discuss how Zenotech could help your organisation.

Can’t make it to the conference? Call us on +44 (0)117 906 1100 or email admin@zenotech.com to discuss HPC and how it could help your business or organisation.

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