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Talking Aeroacoustics at the PyFR Symposium 2020 – Zenotech Ltd

Talking Aeroacoustics at the PyFR Symposium 2020

Talking Aeroacoustics at the PyFR Symposium 2020

Recently, Zenotech presented at the PyFR Symposium sharing our recent work on aeroacoustic noise prediction which is already being applied to industry and generating faster, accurate results. We were delighted to participate in this symposium with its overarching theme about bridging the gap between industrial needs and academic research – a subject close to our hearts.

Mark Allan, Zenotech’s Product Lead, Noise and Vibration, was invited to present by Dr Peter Vincent from the Department of Aeronautics at Imperial College London, with whom we have already worked closely. The PyFR Symposium was held online this year on 19 June and the morning session focused on industrial collaborations featuring Zenotech, MBDA, Pointwise and the Korean Agency for Defense Development.

The title of Mark’s talk was “Towards Industrial Adoption of High-Order Methods”, concerning the use of high order methods, which is a relatively new area in computational fluid dynamics (CFD) for industrial applications. The most commonly available CFD software still does not include high order options as often the application areas where there is a performance benefit are highly specialised. Our own application of these techniques shows a clear advantage in scaling simulations with very high spatial accuracy and the propagation of acoustic waves.

The two Zenotech-designed tools which we used were ZCFD and ZNOISE – a new framework for running broadband aeroacoustic calculations. The results are not only accurate when compared with more conventional software options, but also significantly faster. For acoustic noise prediction, this is transformative in the turnaround time for new aircraft and vehicle design analysis.

Our work on high order methods draws extensively on fundamental research done by the PyFR community. PyFR is an open-source Python-based framework, and while our own high order code has been developed with more industrial application in mind, they share the basic mathematics.

Much of the work to develop our software was completed under the Innovate UK  and Aerospace Technology Institute projects “Hyperflux”, “Hyperflux++” and “Aero Flux.”  In particular, the application to Airbus Landing Gear acoustics was further developed under the Airbus Endeavr “Fast Sound” project.

Our software is already being applied in an industry setting and can be downloaded from our website. We will continue to work closely with industry leaders in aerospace, automotive, civil and renewables engineering to exploit this new and transformative technology.

You can access all the talks here: http://www.pyfr.org/events.php

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