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How EPIC is helping to power an aerospace engineering PhD – Zenotech Ltd

How EPIC is helping to power an aerospace engineering PhD

How EPIC is helping to power an aerospace engineering PhD

How would you like to run large-scale simulations in two or three days rather than two weeks? Of course you would, and so did Jana Stucke, a PhD student and lecturer in aerospace engineering at UWE. She decided to power up her research by using our EPIC product, which offers access to secure world-class supercomputing and cloud HPC in one place. We caught up with Jana to find out more about how the product is helping her complete her research.

Jana’s reached the final year of her PhD, which is investigating leading-edge vortex development for a 65-deg delta wing with varying thickness and maximum thickness locations. She is researching the effect of shifts in the maximum thickness location on leading edge vortex development and stability, compared with the flow structure over an unmodified delta wing model using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and wind tunnel testing.

She heard about EPIC when Zenotech visited her university to introduce the product to academics and students. For Jana’s research she needed more computational power than was available at her institution at certain points in her study, and therefore she decided to pay for EPIC herself in order to benefit from its supercomputing and on-demand access to cloud HPC.

Once using EPIC, she set up a raw simulation, but because the job took longer than estimated, it did not complete. Jana collaborated with the Zenotech team to get Ansys CFX integrated with EPIC and avoid this kind of issue in the future.

Our EPIC product lead, Mike said:

“Jana provided great feedback on using CFX via EPIC for this type of project. Zenotech had not previously offered CFX via EPIC but thanks to our collaboration with Jana, we have enabled this, using a bring your own licence model.”

EPIC has improved the efficiency of Jana’s research, giving her extra power so that she can run computing jobs in two or three days rather than two and half weeks.  Jana has used EPIC around eight times and told us:

“Without the extra computational power, I cannot really run the necessary simulations efficiently on average machines, so cloud computing is essential for my research. EPIC is easy to use, the customer service is brilliant as they collaborate with their users. I would recommend EPIC to others 100%.”

Jana is not only a PhD student, but also a judo champion. Although her research may seem far removed from judo competitions, there are similarities in terms of the discipline and resilience required to achieve a doctorate and make winning judo throws. For Jana, to achieve in either role, you need to invest in where you want to go.

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