Zenotech returns to DiPaRT 2019 with its Aero Cloud Services project

Zenotech returns to DiPaRT 2019 with its Aero Cloud Services project

The Zenotech team returned to DiPaRT this year on its 10th Anniversary with our Project Lead for EPIC, Mike Turner, receiving a positive response for his presentation on our ground-breaking Aero Cloud Services project.

DiPaRT is the annual showcase for UK research and development for flight physics and other aeronautical and engineering specialists hosted in our home-town of Bristol by CFMS. The popular and innovative conference was created by the Airbus UK team 10 years ago as a way to engage and collaborate with the national research and tech community. The theme of the conference was “Innovating green aircraft optimisation for a sustainable future” reflecting the need for cleaner, greener, quieter flying. You can read more about our work on aero noise reduction with Airbus Endeavr here.  

What were the highlights?

There was a strong emphasis on the need for hybrid cloud and High Performance Computing (HPC) to support future Model-based Systems Engineering (MBSE) and Multi-disciplinary Design Optimisation (MDO). In this vein, Mike Turner presented recent work on the EPIC platform, including developments to support workflow streamlining and providing easy access to a range of HPC resources. 

This exciting research is being carried out through a project “Aerospace Cloud Services” with particular requirements drawn from industry-leaders, Airbus, Bombardier and Rolls Royce. The project aims to add competitiveness to the UK’s aerospace simulation-based design by accessing cloud HPC capability cost-effectively and securely.  The work is supported by Innovate UK, Aerospace Technology Institute (ATI) and BEIS

The project responds to the fact that aerospace requirements for HPC are not necessarily the same as for other engineering applications as the aero sector places a specific focus on data provenance and security. Also, there is a necessity for rapid scalability of resources to address large sets of related analysis, such as the concurrent evaluation of thousands of design points in an aerodynamic dataset. 

Follow our progress on Aero Cloud

We look forward to returning to DiPaRT again in 2020 with updates on all our aero cloud projects. Follow us via @zenotech on Twitter and sign up to our quarterly newsletter to stay posted.