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Our updated CFD solver has landed - Zenotech Ltd

Our updated CFD solver has landed

Our updated CFD solver has landed

The Zenotech team have been busy updating our CFD solver code, and we can now announce the latest code release of zCFD. The new features are available for you to try out today; it’s ready for download here.

What is zCFD?

This product is a computational fluid dynamics (CFD) solver, which is cost-effective, scalable, and designed to make highly efficient use of modern computer hardware, including GPUs. We built zCFD in-house to address the computational challenges we face and are pleased to offer it to the wider public.

What does the latest release mean for me?

The latest release includes support for the NVIDIA Turing GPU, for both finite volume and high order (DG) finite elements. Other features include:

  • Added support for Turing GPUs and CUDA 10.0
  • Improved turbine torque forcing 
  • Added GPU DG capability 
  • Added multi-scale RBF transformations

Anyone can run the software for free on a single device, including GPUs, and we also offer flexible licensing options for industrial or academic use. 

Are there test cases?

Validation is part of our processes for software development and industry test cases have been made available online, including those for the aerospace and wind energy sectors. ZCFD includes converters from many common mesh formats – find out more in the documentation.

Test out the new CFD version now

If you’re interested in the latest release, check it out here. We’d welcome your feedback, so let us know what you think.

New to zCFD? Find out more about the product here.

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