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How our HPC and simulation software is helping the green economy [video] - Zenotech Ltd

How our HPC and simulation software is helping the green economy [video]

How our HPC and simulation software is helping the green economy [video]

With the UK Government committing to zero emissions by 2050, the challenge is on for the tech sector to help meet this goal. More specifically, at Zenotech we’re interested in how high-performance computing (HPC) and simulation software can play a part in saving the planet. 

Recently the Minister for Science, Research and Information, Chris Skidmore, visited our offices in Bristol to find out more about how our tools, zCFD and EPIC are helping to drive innovation in the wind energy sector. We made a video all about it – watch it now and read the transcript below.

David Standingford, Zenotech Director and Co-founder

“Zenotech develops cutting-edge high-performance computing and simulation software working with a range of UK universities and research organisations.”

Oliver Darbyshire, Zenotech Lead CFD Engineer

“We’ve been using our background in aerospace to provide innovative solutions for the green energy sector. For instance, we’ve applied aerospace meshing tools to improve the resolution of the terrain in wind farm optimisation simulations. More recently we’ve been working with Airbus to predict noise generated by aircraft landing gear, work which can be readily applied to wind turbines.”

Mark Allan, Product Lead Noise and Vibration

“In order to achieve greater accuracy in fluid dynamic simulations, we’ve been developing the latest generation of numerical techniques for computational fluid dynamics and acoustics. These new techniques developed on the latest many-core hardware have allowed us a step change in the accuracy of our numerical predictions and a significant reduction in simulation time and cost.”

Mike Turner, Zenotech Product Lead, EPIC:

“These new simulation tools can require access to more computing power than the sector has traditionally used. So here at Zenotech we also provide a platform that allows access to several world-class supercomputers and multiple cloud vendors.

“This is perfect for the consultancy model that is often used in the green energy sector. A consultant on a desktop can via our EPIC tool access a vast amount of computing power combined with the right software as and when they need it.”

Minister for Science, Research and Information, Chris Skidmore:

“As Science Minister, I’m delighted with the work that Zenotech is doing, one of the many green tech companies that are thriving in the United Kingdom. We are determined to be world leaders when it comes to clean growth, when it comes to tackling climate change. 

“We can only do that by looking at how we can improve technologies for the future, ensuring that we can be inventing and commercialising technologies that will help transform our economy. We’re really keen to be building new partnerships with countries, obviously China, the United States, countries that we have well developed relationships with but also new emerging market as well. 

“It’s really important that we look at green opportunities for the future and ensure that in the United Kingdom we play our part in helping to make the world a greener place.”

Thanks to the following organisations for their valued support: EPSRC, Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, Catapult, Airbus Endeavr, Innovate UK and the Aerospace Technology Institute

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