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Talking CFD podcast with Zenotech – Zenotech Ltd
Talking CFD podcast with Zenotech

Talking CFD podcast with Zenotech

Put the kettle on and take time out over a cuppa to listen to the Zenotech team on the Talking CFD podcast with Robin Knowles.

Co-founders, David Standingford and Jamil Appa, and Product Lead, Mike Turner, all joined the conversation. This episode of the podcast focused on simulation and GPU, so we were invited as innovators with our GPU CFD (computational fluid dynamics) code and our cloud simulation platform.

Talking CFD

The conversation covered a wide range of topics around CFD, High Performance Computing (HPC) and why we identified the commercial need for our products: the scalable CFD product, zCFD, and EPIC (Elastic, Private, Interactive, Cloud), which offers secure, scalable access to a range of cloud HPC. The questions covered included:

  • The scale of parallel architectures in HPC today
  • Why new CFD codes were needed when we started Zenotech
  • Do we still need CPUs or can we move to GPUs?
  • How can Zenotech help users find the most effective cloud computing providers?
  • When and where should you run your CFD jobs?

Talking CFD is a podcast for entrepreneurial engineers who are keen to move their CFD businesses to the next level. Whether you are a tech startup or a business scaling up, Robin Knowles chats to experts who can share insights from their experiences to help you achieve your goals. Thanks to Robin for inviting us to take part in the Talking CFD podcast. We hope you enjoy it!

If you have any questions about CFD after listening to this show, do get in touch.


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