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David Standingford – Zenotech Ltd

David Standingford

Director and Co-Founder


David Standingford is a technology leader with experience in the UK, Australia and the USA.

Before co-founding Zenotech, David worked as a lecturer in mathematics and fluid dynamics at the University of Adelaide and then as a postdoctoral researcher on the NASA Microgravity Programme at the University of Delaware. At BAE Systems Advanced Technology Centre, he took on the role of Theme Technology Leader for Design and Materials Technology, responsible for Computational Engineering, IT Strategy, Materials Science and Stealth.

At Zenotech, David manages financial, commercial, licensing and legal operations, as well as project management, university and industrial partnerships, bid writing and co-ordinates PR. He also leads on wind energy consultancy programmes, including international partnering.

With his academic and industrial expertise, David is involved in numerous external bodies and boards. He acts on the advisory board for the UK Fluids Network, provides industrial expertise for UK EPSRC College of Peer Reviewers and is an Innovate UK proposal assessor. David is also the Chair of the ERCOFTAC Knowledge Network Committee (KNC).

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