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zCFD's test success at global CFD Drag Prediction Workshop  - Zenotech Ltd

zCFD’s test success at global CFD Drag Prediction Workshop 

zCFD’s test success at global CFD Drag Prediction Workshop 

Zenotech joined international cutting-edge tech and research leaders in the aerospace sector at the 7th AIAA CFD Drag Prediction Workshop.This global event brings together teams and participants from across the aerospace sector, ranging from large scale CFD vendors to government agencies and academic institutions.  The workshop was a great success, with zCFD being shown to be competitive both in terms of accuracy and especially performance compared to much larger CFD vendors.

Zenotech’s Oliver Darbyshire and Tom Wainwright, participated in the 2-day workshop before the AIAA AVIATION 2022 Conference in Chicago from 25-26 June 2022. The Zenotech team has entered an abstract examining the scalability performance of our code on GPU and CPU hardware, running both Implicit and Explicit schemes on AWS hardware.

zCFD Oliver Darbyshire at Drag Prediction Workshop.

The workshop examined how accurately Zenotech’s code can predict the performance of the NASA common research model (CRM), offering an opportunity to benchmark Zenotech’s code against other codes on the market.

Once the full results are released, there will be a test case that can then be used to benchmark future releases of zCFD, ensuring even greater accuracy and quality for our clients.

Zenotech has participated in several CFD drag workshops; in 2016 with CFMS and the Aircraft Research Association (ARA). A validation model from the Drag Prediction Workshop 5 can be found on the zCFD product site.

This workshop comes after Zenotech’s successful participation at the NASA High Lift Workshop earlier this year where the team shared results achieved through zCFD. 

Look out for Oliver and Tom at the workshop and the AIAA AVIATION 2022 conference afterwards. 

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