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Save time and money: the new zCFD release - Zenotech Ltd

Save time and money: the new zCFD release

Save time and money: the new zCFD release

How can we make zCFD, our high performance fluid dynamics solver, even better for businesses?

That’s a question our expert team is continually asking. Unlike most software companies on the market, we don’t just provide the tools, but we have a team who understands computational fluid dynamics (CFD) inside out. This enables us to continually optimise our products to bring further benefits to our users, drawing on the latest tech.

In the latest release, our zCFD product has been updated to offer a fastener turnaround time.

Read on to find out how your organisation can benefit from the new features.

What are the updates?

The big change is that we now have a GPU-accelerated coupled implicit solver. The new version of the CFD solver solves the compressible flow equations using an implicit time advancement method. 

zCFD automatically detects and runs on NVidia GPU accelerators to maximise performance and this new update makes use of NVidia’s AMGX library,  allowing us to run the implicit scheme on GPUs.

The new CFD solver is faster than the explicit solver – in some cases by an order of magnitude. This enables a significantly reduced turnaround time on CFD solutions for our customers.

Better simulation results, without the big budget

In the same release, we have also added new cost-saving simulation benefits. The ability to run high-order overset regions in zCFD has been introduced. This allows us to select regions of a flow we want to resolve using the high-order (discontinuous Galerkin) solver whilst solving the rest of the flow field with the finite volume solver. 

The advantage is that we can use the high-order solver to resolve regions where there are interesting flow features or vortices, yet keep the overall cost of the simulation relatively low.

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