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New EPIC feature: multiple jobs made easy – Zenotech Ltd
New EPIC feature: multiple jobs made easy

New EPIC feature: multiple jobs made easy

Zenotech has just released a new feature for its on-demand simulation tool EPIC to give users an easier way to submit multiple simulation jobs in one go.  The development work has been supported by Innovate UK and the ATI under the Aerospace Cloud Services project, supported by Airbus, Rolls-Royce and Bombardier.  

Job Arrays has been designed to meet the needs of our users better and follows several successful updates to EPIC last year. When completing a design evaluation, users often have a single CFD mesh that they would like to run at multiple flow angles or speeds. EPIC Job Arrays has arrived to help them achieve this more efficiently.

The useful feature allows users to share common data between the jobs in an array, meaning that they don’t have to upload or store multiple copies of large mesh files.

User-friendly Job Arrays

Job Arrays is designed to be easy to use. Simply create a folder structure in your EPIC data store that contains a common folder as well as the individual job folder. See the diagram below for an example:

When you select “New Job Array”, you can point EPIC at the root folder, and EPIC will set up the job array for you and create the correct number of jobs.  

 The “New Job Array” wizard will walk you through setting up and submitting all of the jobs in just a few clicks. These can all be automatically configured based on your input files, or you can set them up individually if necessary.

OpenFoam Job Array

EPIC combines the data available in the common folder with the individual job folders to ensure that you have all the files needed to run your job. When your job completes, EPIC will upload the results back to the correct folders in “Your Data” without duplicating any files that already exist in the common data.

OpenFoam Job Array

We have enabled Job Arrays for all of the OpenFoam* versions and will be adding zCFD, our CFD solver, and other applications shortly.

 For more information see: https://epic-zeno.groovehq.com/help/job-arrays

*This offering is not approved or endorsed by OpenCFD Limited, producer and distributor of the OpenFOAM software and owner of the OPENFOAM® and OpenCFD® trademarks.


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