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Collaborating to continuously improve zCFD – Zenotech Ltd
Collaborating to continuously improve zCFD

Collaborating to continuously improve zCFD

At Zenotech, we’re keen to collaborate with other researchers and developers to bring continuous improvements to the technological areas we work within. In this vein, recently we’ve been involved in an exercise with NAG (Numerical Algorithms Group) to work on the running speeds of our computational fluid dynamics solver, zCFD. The results were impressive with 3 times improvement in speed.

NAG are the experts in analysing software to find opportunities for greater computational efficiency and offered their HPC expertise to help improve the performance of zCFD software. It was exciting to be involved in the EU-funded NAG Performance, Optimisation, Productivity (POP) Centre of Excellence.

The test case used to illustrate the improvement was the “shock vortex” – produced under the Innovate UK and ATI (Aerospace Technology Institute) funded “Hyperflux++” programme.

The work was also presented by NAG at the influential Supercomputing 2017 conference in the USA – the international conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage, and Analysis. You can find out more in their poster presentation here.

Unlock your zCFD

Our computational fluid dynamics (CFD) solver is freely available for academic and research purposes.  Find out more about zCFD.

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