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Takeoff for Zenotech and Airbus Endeavr project to reduce aircraft noise - Zenotech Ltd

Takeoff for Zenotech and Airbus Endeavr project to reduce aircraft noise

Takeoff for Zenotech and Airbus Endeavr project to reduce aircraft noise
  • Zenotech has been commissioned by Airbus Endeavr in a project to reduce aircraft noise.
  • The aim is to develop a proof-of-concept simulation tool to reduce undercarriage noise.
  • Zenotech brings vast expertise in acoustics modelling to develop this industrial solution.

Zenotech is delighted to be participating in the Airbus Endeavr project to investigate advanced acoustics modelling in aeronautical engineering in order to reduce aircraft noise. Airbus Endeavr commissioned this research from idea through to proof-of-concept in order to meet this pressing industrial challenge.  

As market demand for quieter aircraft grows due to operating restrictions, noise-related landing charges and regulatory pressure, engineering teams need better and faster simulation tools in order to reduce undercarriage noise.

Airbus Endeavr is a not for profit company, which was established to support businesses to research and develop solutions aligned to Airbus roadmaps. The aim of this project is to gain added value and competitive advantage in the area of acoustics through new digital engineering tools and associated services.

Zenotech’s expertise

Our team has vast experience in the area of acoustics and simulation modelling which will be utilised in this new project, taking this early stage research through to proof-of-concept. For instance, our participation in Hyperflux ++, funded by ATI and Innovate UK, developed capabilities for the aerodynamic modelling of undercarriages and nacelles.

Our co-director and founder, David Standingford said:

“Zenotech is proud to be working with Airbus Endeavr on this innovative project which will result in real-world solutions to reduce noise in aircraft engines. As demand increases to reduce engine noise, the industrial demand for improved modelling increases, and we are thrilled to be able to develop improved tools to add value and efficiency to Airbus and UK industry as a whole.”

Nick Crew, Operation Manager at Airbus Group Endeavr Wales, commented:

“Airbus Endeavr welcomes collaborations with leading tech SMEs, as in this exciting project with Zenotech, to bring fresh thinking to industry challenges and drive innovation.”

If you’re interested in finding out more about this project, you can also catch David Standingford at the free Emerging Tech Fest in Wrexham on 13 December, or keep up to date by signing up to the Zenotech newsletter.  

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