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Zenotech to put CFD tools to the test at NASA High Lift Workshop – Zenotech Ltd
Zenotech to put CFD tools to the test at NASA High Lift Workshop

Zenotech to put CFD tools to the test at NASA High Lift Workshop

Zenotech is pleased to be participating in the fourth AIAA CFD High Lift Prediction Workshop to predict the capability of CFD technology for aircraft optimisation. Product Lead, Noise and Vibration, Mark Allan, and Lead CFD Engineer, Oliver Darbyshire, will be joining around 50 companies and universities from around the world at this event, which will be conducted virtually on 15 July and then in-person next year.  This work is supported under the Aerospace Technology Institute / UKRIInnovate UK “Aero Flux” project. 

The workshop will assess the prediction capability of current-generation CFD technology on aircraft configured for landing and take-off and develop modelling guidelines for CFD prediction of high-lift flow fields. This testing process will enhance the CFD prediction capability for practical high-lift aerodynamic design and optimisation, enabling improved aircraft design in terms of both efficiency and noise reduction.

The results from the workshop will allow the participants to compare their tools to each other, resolve any deficiencies and make improvements to their predictive capability. Ultimately, the enhancements made to CFD capability will result in the development of design tools to further optimise aircraft engineering. 

In terms of the impact on our tools, the workshop will demonstrate that both our finite-volume and Discontinuous-Galerkin CFD solvers give positive results on the high lift geometry. The benefits to our end-users are that any refinements identified at the workshop will be integrated into our codes.

The High Lift Workshop is sponsored by the AIAA Applied Aerodynamics Technical Committee. Sign up for our quarterly newsletter to receive updates on the results of the workshop and our CFD tools. 

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