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zCFD is a cost effective, efficient, scalable computational fluid dynamics (CFD) solver. We built and designed zCFD from the ground up to help solve the computational challenges we face everyday. We can now offer a range of flexible licensing options to help you unlock your CFD potential.
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Features at your fingertips

  • Finite volume and high order DG

  • Standard finite volume formulation plus high order (Discontinuous Galerkin / Flux Reconstruction) mode for high fidelity modelling.
  • Fully parallel

  • MPI parallelisation between devices combined with OpenMP on-device for maximum hardware efficiency.
  • Turbulence modelling

  • Turbulent flow modelling includes RANS, URANS, DDES or LES including automatic scalable wall functions
  • Unstructured meshes

  • Easily convert meshes from ANSYS Fluent, CGNS, CD Adapco StarCCM+, OpenFOAM ® or UGRID formats.
  • GPU / CPU

  • Automatically run on modern many-core chips and high-power graphical processors.
  • Scriptable

  • Use the open-source Python driver interface to add your own functions and link live workflow data.
  • Unlimited scale

  • Use on a single device is free – all other licenses allow unlimited job scale!

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Fully featured usage on a single device (including GPUs) is completely FREE. We also have a range of flexible licensing options for academic and industrial uses.
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Technical specification

zCFD from Zenotech is a new computational fluid dynamics (CFD) solver designed to make simulation at scale fast and affordable. zCFD runs efficiently on modern many-core computer hardware and can convert unstructured meshes from most commonly available formats.

zCFD is fully parallel and can simulate turbulent flow (RANS, URANS, DDES or LES) including automatic scalable wall functions. zCFD is a fully compressible solver, with preconditioning for low Mach numbers and can be run in either standard finite volume mode or with new high order (DG flux reconstruction) capability for efficient scale-resolution.

zCFD has solution acceleration via geometric multigrid, dual-time-stepping and polynomial multigrid. zCFD will automatically detect and run on NVidia GPU accelerators where present.

Read the User Guide to get an overview.

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zCFD in action


Ahmed Body – Q Criterion – Vortex Identification

The Ahmed Body is one of the most studied test cases in automotive aerodynamics. The challenging task for the simulation software is to accurately capture the flow physics at the back of the vehicle.
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Caradonna Tung Hover Rotor – Mtip=0.877

The Caradonna Tung rotor test case exercises the capability for rotating frames of reference and transonic fluid physics.
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