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EPIC from Zenotech provides easy and secure access to a global range of cloud HPC. Initiate and scale jobs anywhere in minutes. Use EPIC to access both cloud based hardware and a range of specialist supercomputing providers.

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Key features

  • Access and compare multiple HPC providers. Compare hardware specification including cost, availability, physical location and security level. 
  • Simple submission interface to get your HPC jobs running in a matter of minutes. 
  • Provides a private and secure, scalable, high-performance computing resource to engineers and technical specialists.
  • Allows users to easily meet their project computing hardware requirements without capital expenditure. EPIC consolidates billing and invoicing for easy integration with business finance processes.  
  • Available to individuals, businesses and public/education users. 
  • Third party industrial and academic applications can easily be added, allowing vendors and service providers to create proprietary solutions. 


Q) How much does epic cost

EPIC lets you compare the costs of a number of HPC providers with a range of core/hour costs and service levels.  The use of EPIC itself is paid for with a small service charge, which is explicitly added to the costs for hardware and software.  There are no additional subscription fees, so you only pay for what you use, on demand.

Q) How does EPIC handle data

EPIC makes use of a secure cloud data storage service to manage your HPC data. The data service is highly durable and highly scalable and access is managed via the EPIC interface.  EPIC handles the staging of input data and retrieval of results when you submit a job to a remote HPC resource via our interface. When you stop using a remote HPC resource, EPIC will remove any data from the remote resource.

Q) What resources can I access via EPIC?

We are constantly adding new HPC providers to the EPIC platform. EPIC provides access to resources provided by cloud providers and also to specialist HPC centres. See the EPIC homepage for the latest list of providers.

Q) What applications can I run using EPIC?

EPIC allows you to submit jobs from a set of optimised applications. We are constantly adding new applications, check the EPIC site for the latest list.

EPIC also allows you to start a cloud based HPC cluster of your own and install and run your own applications.

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